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Podcast: Leading Professional People

This new podcast series brings together cutting edge theory and first hand experience to explore some of the most crucial leadership questions for professional people.

Laura and David uncover the complicated, messy and surprisingly emotional challenges of leading professionals. They interview senior leaders from some of the most successful global professional organizations, such as McKinsey, KPMG, Allen & Overy, and London Business School.

Each episode reveals the complex realities that lie beneath the ‘professional’ veneer that these highly successful organizations present to the outside world. This podcast is for any professional who has – or aspires to have – a leadership role and who wants to challenge assumptions, develop explanations and explore new solutions.

Welcome to Leading Professional People

Empson & Morley introduce their new podcast series ‘Leading Professional People’

Episode 1: Paradoxes of Leadership

Available 11 Jan 2020

Episode 2: Leadership in Crisis

Available 25 Jan 2020

Episode 3: Ambition versus Reluctance

Available 8 Feb 2020

Episode 4: Partnership versus Corporate

Available 22 Feb 2020

Episode 5: Global versus Local

Available 8 Mar 2020

Episode 6: Collaboration in a Cold Climate

Available 22 Mar 2020