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Because they have a more general problem and want to diagnose the underlying causes and develop proposed solutions

Leadership counsel and mentoring

Example: My research shows that the typical senior professional does not aspire to a leadership role and may need to be coaxed to take it on. Once in this role they may find themselves unprepared and out of their depth. I work closely with the most senior leaders in professional organizations, whether they are new to the role or dealing with extreme challenges I help them steer their way through complex political dynamics to secure their own position, bring about meaningful change, and develop the next generation of leaders.

Strengthening and sustaining a collaborative culture

Case study: The Founder and Managing Director of an international consulting firm, the leader in its specialised field, expected the business to expand rapidly over the next few years. They were concerned this rapid growth would threaten the highly collaborative culture which had contributed to their firm’s success. I analysed the social and economic dynamics within the firm to understand better the reasons for its success. I identified how the collaborative culture could be institutionalised, whilst retaining the flexible and intuitive ways of working. I recommended various changes and worked closely with members of the firm to develop and implement these recommendations.

Latest thinking

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