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Because they disagree and need to be brought together to develop a solution and implementation plan

Resolving dysfunctional leadership dynamics

Example: Professionals tend to be passionate about their work and eager advocates for their areas of interest. At the very top of the firm this can result in very challenging discussions and dysfunctional leadership dynamics as members of the Executive Committee or Board struggle to reach a consensus on major strategic decisions. Such conflicts can come to a head at leadership offsites. Through my research on leadership dynamics I am able to see beyond the rhetoric and quickly get to the heart of the underlying tensions and work with the senior leadership group to broker consensus and resolve seemingly irreconcilable conflicts.

Preventing post-merger disintegration

Case study: One year after an international merger, relations between the two firms were deteriorating. Passive resistance to working together had started flaring up into outright hostility among senior professionals. I was invited in to try to broker a resolution to the conflict. Beginning by presenting my research on mergers and acquisitions I helped the partners to recognise that the anxiety and hostility they were feeling was “normal” and provided them with an academic framework to understand and manage their emotions. I created an environment where they were able to speak more honestly to each other about their concerns, to identify like-minded colleagues in the merger partner. I showed them how to create structures within which they could identify opportunities for cooperation and begin working successfully together.