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Professions at risk

Professions at risk

What makes a professional today? Has it become simply about power, status, and wealth – or do the traditional requirements of extensive training, self-regulation, and barriers to entry still matter? What about low-status professionals such as nurses and teachers, or high-status quasi-professionals such as management consultants and investment bankers? As the traditional professions face new challenges to their status and legitimacy is it time to rethink what it means to be a professional?

The journalist Matthew Gwyther interviewed me for this Jericho Chambers podcast on
The Fragility of the Professions, asking me about professions, partnerships, and the shadow of the regulator.

In fact a lot of professional service firms are talking to me about their governance at the moment and looking for advice on how to refresh their existing models. As my research on governance has shown the partnership model may be creaking at the seams but it remains, in one form or another, one a highly effective way to resolve some of the key challenges of managing professionals.

You can listen to the whole podcast here.

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